NROTC Reporting Question


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Dec 24, 2015
All of my paperwork together (check)
PRT practicing- with good scores (check)
College dorm supplies (check)
Health (?)

My sister has just come down with a severe case of mono and laryngitis/ an infection of some sort that has taken her to the ER three times this week. Mono is highly contagious and as her primary care taker while she is sick I have a high chance at getting this sickness/ have already been exposed to it.

If in the case that I come down with an illness before I report on August 17- what actions will follow?
I can't answer your question, but I can tell you to do everything you can to avoid contracting the illness. Get some masks that cover your nose and mouth, latex gloves and a large supply of Lysol or other disinfectant. Be sure to use these items religiously and wash your hands frequently. In addition to any effects on your ROTC eligibility, you also don't want to be sick and miss the beginning of your college experience. Good luck to you, and your sister.