NROTC Scholarhips Update Update

Whistle Pig

Jun 9, 2006
Good news ... Yesterday, son got word of his selection for a 4 yr NROTC Navy option scholarship to Penn State. :wink:

He was delighted, finding this to be an attractive plan B to his ever-hopeful plan A ... a USNA appointment. As he noted, both lead him to his dream of serving our great nation in the USN. :thumb:

November holds 3 nomination interviews. Guess it's bone-up, roll-playing time. :rolleyes:

Any advice on if, how this information should be shared with USNA? Or could they be "automatically" informed?:confused:
:thumb: Congratulations all around! He has done well.
Personally I think the info should be shared on both sides. For Penn State's NROTC unit so they know that they are second choice.
For the Academy and Nominations I believe they will see this as a committment to serve as an officer in the US Navy.

An added benefit: If for some reason his appointment doesn't work out this year he can apply next year and get a ROTC nomination.