NROTC Scholarship Call


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Feb 10, 2009
Son applied for a NROTC scholarship in late October, specifying a type-3 major (economics/global studies). He has decent stats - 34 ACT, 3.69 gpa, 8 years in youth robotics, freshman/JV football, a few other ECs. He knew that it would be a long shot because of the huge emphasis on technical majors, but decided to go with economics. Son got a call from someone in Pensacola yesterday about whether he would consider changing to a technical major since his application is strong in all areas except for his major. He isn't interested in engineering (and after 8 years of robotics would know), but perhaps one of the type 2 science majors. Is a type-2 major a significant advantage over type-3 in scholarship selection?

Thanks in advance for your insight!