NROTC Scholarship Confusion


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Feb 2, 2009
Is it possible to receive an NROTC scholarship to more than one school you applied to? I was under the impression that the Board assigned the scholarship to one of the 5 schools chosen by the applicant, by determining which school had a unit with a slot available. Am I totally out in left field on this?
Scholarship confusion

Hello Irish
My son recieved his scholarship paper work this week. In the text of the forms, the school and NROTC program are metntioned specificaly. There is a form to complete to request change from the one school they have approved.
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I appreciate the response, hockeyguy.
Late this afternoon, my son received the scholarship paperwork in the mail.
Thanks again for taking the time to answer my question :smile:
Some schools have small NROTC units and may combine units with other schools in the Area-called a consortium. If that is the case your letter may name several schools as my sons did.
Tell your son to be persistent--both with trying to get into the reach school of his choice and securing the waiver! My son's persistence paid off in both areas.

My son sent a letter to the reach school (one much like a letter of application for a job), highlighting his strengths and desire to attend the school. He attached a copy of his activity sheet and his letter of NROTC offer.

And, don't forget, there is an option to transfer the scholarship to other schools on his list, as long as there is a slot open. He could contact the recruiter of the unit that is his next choice to see how quickly that unit fills up.

And, even if he decides to transfer the scholarship to another school on the list, be persistent there. As scholarships are offered, slots fill up, but sometimes students don't get accepted to the school or ask for transfers. Making it known to the unit's recruiter gets your son on that unit's radar. Again, persistence pays off.

This is a very anxious time, I know, for your son and you. If he REALLY wants something, he has got to show it!

You can PM if you want.
inthenavy2008, thank you for the information and the offer to PM you.
The generosity of the people on this site is just amazing :thumb:
NROTC scholarship only for tuition?

My son has an offer for the NROTC scholarship and has been accepted at the school he wants but is not sure what the scholarship covers. Some material he received said that the scholarship did not cover room and board. Does anyone have any information on this subject?
ROTC scholarships cover tuition, fees a stipend for books and a monthly stipend.
Some schools will offer free room and board to ROTC scholarship winners.

Financial aid can also be used to pay for room and board. Note - any scholarships or grants that are used for room and board are taxable income to the student.
Financial aid can also be used to pay for room and board. Note - any scholarships or grants that are used for room and board are taxable income to the student.

Are you sure that financial aid from the school that is not tuition specific can go towards your rooom and board?
If the EFC is below the room and board amount then yes. Federal grants can be used for room and board as well as Federal loans such as Stafford and Perkins Loans.
You should talk to the school's financial aid office to discuss their policies.
If room and board is awarded as a scholarship by the college because the student is on an ROTC scholarship, is the school supposed to send a 1099 to report this as income?
^ one would think so....

But I am not a tax professional. even though I did stay in a Holiday Inn Express over the weekend :wink: