NROTC scholarship decision question...


Nov 6, 2017

New to this site and not sure how it works but I am trying to find out when the NROTC board decisions are made public. My son had his packet in at the end of August. Is there somewhere I can find out when the dates of the boards are?

Many thanks.
Welcome - The Navy does not publish the dates of their boards for the general public. The first he will see if he has been selected for a scholarship is online. If he has applied NROTC-MO (Marine option), there are only two boards. It's a waiting game, and speaking for myself, hard on parent's nerves (glad I get a breather until 2019 when my son finds out if he gets to go to the Air Force summer course...). Good luck!
Thanks for your reply. He has not applied for the Marine option. So hard not having any clue when we should hear! Would be so good to know to put on college apps, if indeed he is awarded a scholarship.
Thanks again :)
I have a copy of FY16 dates. Last year's dates were similar, and I assume they will be close again.


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The first board was almost two weeks ago. Last year, results typically came out two weeks after the board met. If they're following that pattern this year, results for the first board will be coming out at the earliest this friday.
Good grief, so stressful! Wondering how hard it is to get selected off of first board...
I was a scholarship winner last time around (although lost it due to medical reasons) and submitted my application relatively early. I also was Navy option and heard in mid-December that I was awarded the ISR scholarship, so in other words I didn't go through any boards but I would imagine the boards would meet sometime after that (or even beforehand as November was mentioned in a previous reply). Hope this helps. Good luck.