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    My son is a senior and has missed his previous 2 ACT opportunities and is scheduled to take his ACT in February. Here's a quick resume of his accomplishments thus far. My questions are as below as well. Thank you all for your help.

    1) Will February 12, 2011 be too late to take the ACT to be able to be considered?
    2) Will there be review boards that he will even be judged, since he's going to be applying so late? If so, how many?
    3) If he were to spend a year at a community college, could he apply during the 2011 reviews, or do they only accept high school seniors?
    4) Does he even stand a chance?
    5) What ACT score would he need to get to better his odds?

    3.0 GPA
    Varsity Swimming
    JV Cross Country
    JV Track
    JROTC - Rank - Cadet Captain - Member of the staff as "Automatons Officer"
    Black belt in Taekwondo
    Member of the local Police Explorer post
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    Review the checklist at the following site:

    No. His application must be completed including SAT/ACT scores before being reviewed by a scholarship board.
    The form at the above link is for high school seniors to apply. Once he begins college he would need to apply for an In-College scholarship through his NROTC Unit. If you are considering this approach you should discuss it with the NROTC Unit NOW. The list of units are on a tab at the above link.
    Only a review board can tell you that and they don't talk to parents. He stands no chance if he doesn't apply either for a High School scholarship or an In-College scholarship.
    See the answer to #4

    Good Luck!

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