NROTC Scholarship restructuring initiative

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    So it looks like the NROTC is considering changing their scholarships to be more like AFROTC's program. It has been proposed that the scholarship amounts be tiered according to the Midshipman's major.

    Tier 1 major would get 100% tuition covered at any school.
    Tier 2 majors would get up to $25,000 max for tuition and fees.
    Tier 3 majors would get Highest In-State Tuition Rate at NROTC affiliated school.

    If you downgrade major to a lower tier while in school, the scholarship amount would be changed.

    It will be interesting to see if this does get implemented for 2015/2016 applicants. Obviously, it had not been approved in time for this year's boards.

    Here is a link to this:

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