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    I love a good roller coaster ride. It looks like there is not going to be very much rolled out until April as we know. This was just confirmed by the guy handling my sons application. He has names of many approved but not all the names because the boarding that continues. Some names were released others he can't for whatever reason until April, again we know this.

    In regard to a 2nd. visit to the school and NROTC unit this is a good idea. It does not matter if the school has an interview process or not, your just coming back for another visit. Just like in our adult lives networking is a wonderful thing. My DS got his face and real person infront of the people that have only seen him on an application. His real self made his application come alive, the feedback he received via email post visit was really nice. He has people pulling for him but there is no promise for anything.

    This was worth his and my effort, drive, time and money. (Not to mention I found a great pizza place on one visit. I had a piece of pasta pizza! I love food!!) Even if he is not selected it was a life lesson and hey if your don't put yourself out there you will never know and that only leaves unanswered questions. All of his questions have now been truly answered.

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