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Discussion in 'ROTC' started by WaveRunner, Nov 8, 2015.

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    Good Evening,

    I have found myself in an unfortunate scenario and I could use some info/advice. I am a 1/c Mid staying an extra semester and graduating in DEC2016. Before joining rotc I had never done either the breast stroke or crawl. When I was in the pool I was just having fun or when I was underwater I would wear scuba style goggles. My time in the pool was extremely limited prior to coming to rotc and I had fooled myself into thinking it would be no problem.

    I passed the 3rd class swim qual fine 3 times. I tried once to pass the second class and it went horribly. I pretty much got choked up on the first stroke. I was then told that I did not need to be 2nd class swim qualled unless I wanted to go aviation, which I do not, so I just forgot about swimming. I was informed a few weeks ago that apparently to get a swo pin I have to be 2nd class swim qualled. If this it true the I can only blame my self for not verifying it in the first place.

    I have spent a lot of time at the pool with some friends of mine who are very good swimmers and also swim teachers at a neighborhood pool and ymca over the last few weeks. I have improved but crawl and breast are really giving me a hard time. I still have issues with breathing rhythm and with my nose. It is hard to explain but my friends just don't get why I cant just magically get it. I have watched every video on youtube and have practiced in my shower. I try to breath out my mouth very lightly while underwater and then come up and all I have to do is inhale through my mouth. I end up not breathing out enough and then having to stop exhale then inhale and continue. Sometimes I even wind up exhaling a lot through my mouth just before I come up and having to gasp for breath. Doing that for about 2 or 3 strokes and im struggling to keep a rhythm makes me want to stop and restart, which leads to a repetition of the same thing.

    I am looking for a few things; what URL's can I select (if any) that a 3rd class swim will cover even for pinning. I am thinking about 1220N which is the naval reactors engineer job in DC. Does 1170 (submarine) require 2nd class for pinning? Is it possible to get a waiver? I have a 3.5 gpa in mechanical engineering and excellent/outstanding on all prt's (if that means they would consider giving me a break in swimming). I am also looking for any suggestions for my swimming difficulties. In all honesty though it just may not be possible for me to pass unless the LT overseeing the qual is very lenient.

    Thank you for reading.
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    Some quick tips for the crawl:
    1) Try exhaling through both your nose and mouth. I almost feel like I'm exhaling through both at the same time, although I suppose that's not physiologically possible. One way to tell you're doing it is to make sort of a humming noise through your nose. And exhale completely while your head is underwater. Exhaling lightly is not what you want to do. Exhaling completely readies you to inhale immediately upon turning your head.
    2) When you turn your head to breathe, look down slightly towards your feet. This puts your head in a little better position to open your mouth easily and take a full breath w/o getting water in your mouth.
    3) Try alternate-side breathing (that is, breathing every 3 strokes instead of every 2). It takes a bit more wind, but makes your body rotate evenly and can help with getting into a good rhythm.
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    Good luck with that swim thing. I think sometimes it is mind over matter, people get stressed and this causes issues. My DS, who is Marine option thankfully, can't for the life of him do the back float. He sinks like a rock.

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