NROTC to USNA hopeful!


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Nov 16, 2008
Just want to present my situation and get the helpful thoughts of others.

I attended NASS the summer of 2007 and I applied for the USNA class of 2012 during my senior year in high school. I graduated 14/75 from a small Catholic H.S. in central Ohio, 3.75 gpa and ACT of 31 Math 28 English. I received a Senatorial nomination and my MOC nomination. However, having torn both my ACL's across the course of high school, with the most recent coming at the beginning of my senior year, I fought with the medical waiver process long and hard. Eventually in late March, I was granted my waiver and this finally triple qualified me. Unfortunately, I also received a letter the same day as my waiver that I had not received an appointment.

Luckily, I had applied for and received the NROTC scholarship to Miami University in Ohio. I have enjoyed the ROTC program but still feel that the Naval Academy is the place for me. I have reapplied to the Academy for the class of 2013 and have been working hard to make my first semester of College attractive for my application. I do not know how I have done on my finals yet but I would predict my grades will end up: Calculus I B+, English I Composition A, Naval Science's A, Business Computer Science A, and a couple of electives with A's. My CFA has improved substantially since my last application, I scored: 60'6'' bball throw, 12 pull-ups, 8.62 shuttle, 95 sit-ups, 73 push-ups, 6:02 mile. I have interviewed with my MOC and the same Senatorial nomination I received last year and I am looking in to my Commanding Officers nomination.

I have really laid it on thick for next semester because I didn't know how serious I was about reapplying until I was already into the first semester and feel like I might not have taken the classes I needed to. Next semester: Calculus II, Physics I w/ Lab, English II Literature, Business 101 & Business Writing, & Naval Science's. I also transfered credit from high school with a dual enrollment program we had available to us. Total at the end of the second semester I will be around 53 credit/hrs. I know that I have written an awful lot and it might sound like rambling, but one thing I have found in the past two years with my application process is people are always willing to give good advice. I can't help but wonder about my chances and I am pretty unsure of how many people actually can get an appointment from NROTC units? Any advice to make my application stronger or any similar stories out there? Any current Academy MIDN with a similar application process? Any advice really?
I think your chances sound good. Reapplying and improving CFA score shows determination. I have a co-worker who is a BGO. My son is a candidate from
TX. I phoned him, told him son would apply again if he didn't get in (his back up plan is similar to yours, NROTC), asked what the chances of getting in on applying a second year. He is in VA, said he has probably 30 % of his candidates who are in a similar situation as you and they do very well. I was afraid that son wouldn't have any better chance in a year than he has now and he assured me that if it doesn't work out this year, not to be dissuaded.

Good luck. Let us know how it goes!
I think your chances are excellent. The DoDMERB waiver should be good for this next application (2 years) also so you shouldn't have to make that fight again.

I don't know the exact stat but it's on the order of 40% of new Mids are other than graduating High School Seniors and the Academies are know to like to see dedication and perseverance. Again, I think you have an excellent chance at receiving an Appointment.