Nrotc & Usna


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Dec 30, 2007
I am applying for both a NROTC scholarship and USNA and I expect to finish them at about the same time. I know NROTC knows (or will know) that I am applying to USNA but I do not believe (could be wrong) that USNA asks if I am applying to NROTC. With that said, I assume both will contact DODMERB seperately so will DODMERB notify the second (whoever asks second) that I have already been sent information or will I be contacted twice and have to notifiy DODMERB/NROTC/USNA myself? If the latter how should I do that to cause the least amount of stress on myself and the parties involved?
U R correct. They will both notify us in due course when they have determined (their criteria) that you are a valid applicant. We will respond to the first one and get the process rolling for your exams (medical and optometric). When the 2nd program comes in, our automated system will NOT send you a notice for another exam. We will then prepare a letter to notify you, the USNA, and NROTC of the qualification decision for both programs. NOTE: The USNA will wait until you have completed 50% of the application process, before they notify DoDMERB you are a valid applicant. Good question. Hope I've answered it thoroughly:thumb: