NTAG Interview = ISR?


Nov 16, 2022
Hello everybody,
I am a high school senior currently applying for the 4-year NROTC scholarship. I was planning to take my officer interview with my first pick school (Yale University); However, my ROTC coordinator let me know she could schedule me for an interview with my regional NTAG commanding officer, claiming that his input would cause my package to look better. I am very excited at the opportunity, especially since I am familiar with my regional NTAG commander because of several JROTC interviews with him.
I was a bit confused by the wording, though. Does this mean I am interviewing for the ISR? Should I still reach out to the Yale CO?

Thank you for your help!
In theory, anyone who is interviewed by an NTAG CO can be considered for the ISR. It is by no means automatic but if you know the NTAG CO and you feel confident you would get a strong interview score then you can't go wrong there.

If you wanted to explore all options, you could reach out to Yale and let them know of your Recruiting Officer's offer to have the NTAG CO conduct your officer interview. Let Yale know they are your first choice and ask if they think interviewing with the Yale PNS would increase your chances of being accepted to Yale. Then you can make your decision from there.