Nurse Summer Training Program (NSTP)


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Aug 27, 2013
I just finished up my summer training by completing NSTP at BAMC or (SAMMC). It was an incredible experience! It seems that the nurse population on this site is growing (which is awesome) so if anyone has any questions about NSTP/career progression feel free to ask or pm me! It's an exciting time to be apart of AMEDD as there are some big ideas planned for the future!
What section of the hospital did you spend most of your time? 2W? 4W? or did they rotate you around?
I rotated through the ICU's; 3T, 2T, 2N and also pulled some shifts in the ED and PACU. I was very impressed with the hospital and oppritunities for 2LTs there! How long does your daughter have left at Bamc?
Well, there's no telling for sure. I don't know the proper wording but come November, she'll have the opportunity to turn in a "wish list" as her rotation to transfer will come up in 2018. She's also up for Captain and the list comes out this month apparently. I have no idea if that changes anything. She just transferred to 4W from 2W after back-filling in an ortho unit for a month.