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Discussion in 'Air Force Academy - USAFA' started by batgirl95, Feb 3, 2014.

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    Does anyone know the requirements for being accepted to a nursing program after USAFA and how competitive it is to get into it? I know USAFA doesn't offer nursing there, so what courses would I have to take/what would I major in?
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    "Additionally, up to one half percent of each graduating class may be selected to attend dental school, with another one half percent being selected to attend nursing school."

    As for which classes you would take, I would assume that you would follow the degree requirements for either a Chemistry major or a biology major. Not sure whether the major is important as long as you take as many of the undergrad requirements for a BSN as possible.

    A couple of years ago there were some posts on this site about an undergrad/post-grad program that Vanderbilt offers for USAFA grads. Evidently if you are selected you enter a 3 year program at Vanderbilt (after USAFA graduation) where you will earn both your BSN and MSN (Nurse Practitioner). Not sure of the details but it might be something to consider.

    Good Luck!:thumb:
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    Aglages pretty much got it there. When I graduated (2010), we had 3 clots per year for nursing and it was to the Vanderbilt program.

    There is a liaison at USAFA in the bio dept (usually) who can provide you with course requirements once you are there. Bio or Biochem will generally hit all the course requirements. It isn't terribly competitive - but that tends to be because not enough people fill the requirements (courses, GPA, tests). If you qualify, you stand a good shot at getting it.

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