ODS for Nuclear Power School Instructor (Not NROTC or Academy)

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Nov 3, 2009
Anyone been to Officer Development School (ODS) recently or last summer?

Asking for a friend that will be attending ODS in June after graduating and commissioning but not having attended any ROTC or Academy.

ODS Website says they can purchase uniforms during the first week of training but ...

1) Would it be better to purchase some of the uniforms on the list that require tailoring prior to arrival?
2) Would it be better to purchase some of the working uniforms to ensure availability and fit prior to arrival?
3) Do they run out of common sizes at this Navy Initial training location like they do at the big Army training locations?
4) Do you recommend MarlowWhite or the higher end Navy Exchange Service Dress Blue Uniform (Brooks Brothers) or just get standard SDB?

My two cents, the NEX Brooks Brothers. That way, either ordering online or in an NEX Uniform Store, matching of pieces will be assured. Non-Govt suppliers make perfectly nice uniforms, but they may or may not exactly match in tone or be readily available by running into the nearest NEX for a quick replacement in case of a uniform emergency. Things do happen to uniforms, invariably, the day before they are needed.

Any military base uniform store can do basic alterations such as hemming, for any service, as long as Exchange tags are still on the uniform. I think it's still no charge.

BB is the long-haul value.

If they have their DOD CAC or ID card and have been entered in DEERS, they can access

Your friend may need to make some calls to ODS to see what they are expected to report in with for immediate wear.
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Thanks Capt MJ - They've got the uniform list and will likely work with the recruiter to determine what to have when reporting because the ODS website says they can purchase everything there in the first week. However, most initial entry locations in the summer run out of sizes. I agree with going higher quality as they look good for longer and always having a clean/pressed white shirt for a backup.

For Army, MarlowWhite has been good for matching and getting new uniform parts with speed because they have all measurements in their system. "Ohhh, TDY to a warm place next week, I need two more ss white class B shirts that fit - done. Arrived two days later" Army clothing and sales not so much because they have so many authorized vendors with varying color ranges and fabric quality.

I did give them the mynavyexchange website - I used it for ACU's when our DD commissioned.