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Aug 2, 2007
I got an offer from a school today saying that they "intend" to offer me a 4-year Scholarship pending on my admission and approval by Cadet Command. How serious should I take this "intent"? Because the ROTC at the school already wants me, does that mean that it is pretty much a sure thing that Cadet Command will give me an official offer? They asked me to sign a form that I intend to accept their scholarship. How binding is the contract to accept the scholarship (My first choice is the Naval Academy, and although this is a very good school, I may want to accept another ROTC scholarship from another school should I receive one)?
I take it this is an Army ROTC Scholarahip?

Have you talked to the folks at the school?? This is a great backup plan for sure, but it is a good idea to talk to the battalion officers if you had your interview at another school

Army ROTC scholarships are very plentiful this time of year - they all want the top students, so congratulations.

We had a lot of confusion about this last year - I believe that you can accept one scholarhip per offering period. If this is not a school you would really want to attend then you might want to hold off.

ROTC and the Academies: Academy appointments ALWAYS override a ROTC scholarship. You may confidently accept the scholarship while waiting for an academy appointment.
Well, I'm really undecided as to my major and this school provides a great education and has a good name, so I might go for it. You are right, this is an Army ROTC scholarship.

This is not an official offer by Cadet Command, so if I sign this letter saying that I "intend to accept" the official offer, could I go ahead and possibly accept another official offer that comes in this round?
I think the official offer by Cadet Command comes after they have seen that you are academically, physically and medically qualified. You are academically qualified, so that isn't a problem. You have to pass an "official" PFT if you haven't done that already. Sometimes kids are given a PFT by the battalion during the interview and it might not be "official".
Of course, Dodmerb has to clear you or Cadet Command must issue a medical waiver if needed.

Bottom line is - you are mostly likely in the clear - unless you have outstanding DoDMERB issues.

This is not an official offer by Cadet Command, so if I sign this letter saying that I "intend to accept" the official offer, could I go ahead and possibly accept another official offer that comes in this round?

I don't think so. It is hazy and not explained real well. Last year my daughter didn't pursue any other schools and ignored those who pursued her once she got her offer in Oct. She was happy with her school, had a great interview and was all set.

I honestly don't really remember her receiving anything else after she signed her intent letter. I can't remember.
I am pretty sure that once you sign your intent then that is the school you pick for that round. I think if you are offered by another school in another round then you can forfeit the first school.

If you are really in a quandry then give Cadet Command a call. Also, I don't know if you have visited this school and had an interview with the Battalion officers or not. I highly recommend that you do so before you sign your letter of intent if at all possible.

Congratulations! It is a great feeling to be offered a scholarship early in the year! I know my daughter was relieved to have a great back plan available.
Do you have to do an interview with the specific battalion offering the scholarship? I got a letter last week just requesting an interview with my nearest ROTC Professor of Military Science.

Well, my intent to accept letter is due next week and I definitely have some thinking to do. This is just such a good school that it may be foolish to pass this offer up.

Thank you very much for help.
Soylent - have you tried the option on the ROTC scholarship page of "contacting an advisor"?

The one person I found most helpful during my son's NROTC app process was inside the schoarship organization. She was dead right on all the advice she offered. She helped him strategize college selection ranking based on how fast the units usually fill.

IDK if that will be the case for you. It's just a thought.
OK Soylent - call Cadet Command to be sure - you should have received a letter from them and the contact number will be on that letter - but anyway:

Nov 1 is the first round - if you sign this letter of intent you will be offered this scholarship in the first round and you cannot accept another until the second round. You can accept one offer per round.

March 1 is the second round and May 1 is the date for the third round.

If you were my son - I would not advise you to sign unless you are sure you can get accepted to the school (not a reach) and until you have talked to the Prof. of Mil. Science ... just my thoughts.

After you sign then you will get an official offer dated Nov 1 from Cadet command offereing you the scholarhip once everything has been completed. My daughter's was offered pending medical qualification - she didn't receive her waiver until April from Cadet Command.
I recieved an AROTC offer two weeks ago from John Carroll for the 4 year scholarship. I need to sent in my endorsement of the offer by friday of this week. I am also seeking a similiar offer to the Citadel, but JCU offered first. What do I do? West Point is also my first choice. Was medically qualified for West Point so I am done with DODMERB.
First as far as West Point goes - you can go ahead and accept a 4-year ROTC scholarship. If your appointment comes from USMA you are golden. Remember, an appointment to USMA superceds any other Army obligation.

Second, what to do about waiting for the Citadel? You could call them and see if they have made their first round picks - tell them you got an offer from JCU but they are your first choice. If you won't get an offer from them in the first round - you can accept JCU and wait for a later offer from the Citadel.

You might also want to call Cadet Command and talk with them about your dilemma.
Congratulations and Good Luck!
I totally agree with Just A Mom. My son accepted his AROTC scholarship by the March deadline. After the USMA civil prep offer came in April he wrote a letter to Cadet Command explaining the situation and declining his scholarship. I am sure it happens often because USMA applicants usually apply for AROTC scholarships too.

Good luck to you!
Okay, I've got some GREAT news to share!! I am so excited! Our former neighbor's daughter called us tonight and told us she had gotten her letter today from Army ROTC for a full ride at Univ. of San Diego! I am so happy and proud of her!!