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Discussion in 'Nominations' started by Ex.BT.USN, Oct 5, 2013.

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    My DS called the two office locations for our state senators to follow-up on his interview dates. Both were said to have "limited" operational hours because of the Gov. shut down... Nothing more.

    I guess we only now have "limited" hours of representation for our state; representation must be nonessential. (LOL :shake:, sorry had to put that in the mix). Respectfully, I'm sure it's not easy for them with all that's going on.


    DS called the Congressmans office and was greated with a live staffer, that had me impressed. DS asked what would be happening with the interviews and the office staffer said they will continue to stay on track for interviews and will not loose sight of what the applicants were trying to achieve. They did not try to give him a run around or excuse about the Gov. shut down. Really impressed with this feedback, they have my attention and respect.

    The office person also recognized who my DS was as soon as he introduced himself. He said he remembered him from his application, his past phone calls and from meeting him on Adacemy day where they talked with each other for quite some time. He went on to tell him that his application has already been passed around and that he was discussed. Can't read into this but, it was nice for DS to hear it.

    There may be a shutdown but it would appear to me that this particular congressional office remains operational with the focus of what is important to these kids. :thumb:

    Politics aside, focus on moving foward for the people even when challenged with increased reponsibilities and work loads. This is a nice sign of representation in the face of adversity. Very nice!!
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    We found that our Congressman signed for the application packet on 10/1, but the packet for 1 Senator is floating around a post office in NYC....I am concerned that there will be thousands of pieces of mail for them to sort through once this is over. I am not sure how they will open all of that mail in a timely fashion.

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