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    I am trying to have my application processed for early action by the Coast Guard Academy and had everything but my Official ACT scores turned in by the set date. I had contacted them earlier when they said they had received my transcript but not my ACT scores when they should have been together (my school sends the scores with the transcript). My admissions officer told me to resend my transcript which I did and there still has been no update. So tonight I sent the scores straight from ACT. Will I be part of the early action group even though my scores were not there by the early action deadline or will I be transferred to the regular application group? I had seen somewhere your self reported scores could do for their viewing but official scores had to be there for a decision.
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    Depending on what round you are in (when your application was submitted) will dictate when your application is reviewed. Chances are that your test scores will have arrived prior to that date.

    Your best bet is to communicate with Admissions as only they would be able to say for sure.

    Best of luck to you.

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