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    There is alot of misinformation given on this forum in regards to NROTC.

    Speculation is understandable but please do not take alot of these posts from users as truth.

    Please remember this is not an official Military nor an official NROTC forum that is regulated by the military.

    Here are the contacts for Naval ROTC. When in doubt ask the source. These are contacts for Headquarters NROTC. It does sometimes take a few days to get an email returned because there are so many received but someone will get back to you.

    For assistance in filling out your application and general questions about NROTC. (This is who you contact prior to your application being fully completed, meaning all interviews, etc are done) This is for the Canidate Guidance Office. They can pretty much walk you through anything.
    1.800.NAV.ROTC ext 25166 or 27272

    For any changes to your application prior to being selected but after your application has been fully submitted:

    For miscellanious questions:
    1.800.NAV.ROTC ext 25166 or 29395

    For information about filling out your DoDMERB paperwork and medical questions contact:

    For school changes and transfers after being selected for Navy & Marine Corp:
    1.800.NAV.ROTC ext 29380

    There is also an official NROTC facebook page. If you go to the discussion board Lt. Brawner from the CGO Office frequently checks the discussion page, and will reply back to you.!/nrotc

    All this information can also be found at

    Also, yes boards are confidential, no one will be able to tell you when a board has met or will meet. Once your application has been submitted, no will be able to discuss application activity with you until you have been selected.

    Good news is, if you are not selected for one board your package will go to the next board, and continue to be processed by each board until you have either been selected or April when boards are finished. After boards are finished meeting, non-select letters will go out.

    Side Note: If you request a school change prior to being selected, receive an email that it was updated, don't fret if it is not displayed on the website. For some reason the front page viewable by you does not seem to always update. Changes are made in two places and both places are checked prior to placement if canidate is selected.

    Also please truly consider your school choices. Not everyone is going to get into MIT or Cornell, be realistic, because if you request as your number one school, your most likely going to be placed there. School transfers once selected are not guarenteed. They can guarentee placement into a school if you do not get accepted into your assigned school as not to lose your scholarship if selected but not necessarily into your school of choice. And just for informational purposes if selected, no transfers are done until Mar/Apr timeframe, period. You can request to have your name put on the waitlist, but the waitlist will not be worked until Mar/Apr timeframe as to allow placement of all boards.
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