Oh, well...you can have fun too!


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Nov 25, 2007
Future Coasties and Service Men and Women,

This may be a little specific to the Coast Guard.

Being a small service, there are many opportunities to work closely with Coasties from all over. Many of these chances are fun. I've been to more than one school, and many times I will run into people I've known from other areas.

Every year there is a ice hockey tournament called the Commandant's Cup. This year, just before I went on my last patrol, I participated, along with two members from my unit. We were on the Puddle Pirates.

Attached is the website link with the pictures. All participants were 100% Coast Guard. Some civilian employees, active duty, reserve, and cadets.

We had a great time, and I will definately be going again next year.

If you look, I was #27 on the Puddle Pirates. I'm also on the far right on the bench pictures. We are the team with the darker blue jerseys (base jerseys for the Nashville Predators).

Anyway....enjoy. http://www.oceansedgewebdesign.com/comdtscup/index.html
Nice, looks like a fun time! How far did you guys advance?
Lost in the first round of the second day. We were playing the eventual Champs, but it was fun.

There were some injuries, one guy from a game just before our tore his ACL, and in our game a guy sliced open his hand and need some stitches.

Good time though, injuries happen, we had a good time, although I do feel bad for the ACL guy, especially because it will affect his work too.