okay, so how exactly does this work?


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Nov 18, 2007
so my guidence counsler told me last week that that my application would "go to panel" the following week (so, sometime this past week). I thought that the admissions board, or panel, reviewed and offered appointments in march? since they do review your application when it is complete, why are most appointments offered in mid March? Can somebody please explain to me how this works? thanks :)
I think they review each candidate's file and rank them in order of how competitive they are. After they get a sense of how competitive all the candidates are, then they make their decisions. I am not positive about this though.
If I am not mistaken, now that your file is complete, the panel will continue to review it every week until they choose to offer you an appointment, but being so close to March they may not offer it until then...

Haha I cant imagine them reviewing all those apps in just a couple week span, theyve probably already ranked you within all the apps they have so far...

Just a few more weeks... :wink:
When a candidate's file is complete, it is given a "Whole Candidate Score" which will rank it among all of the applications. This score is the sum of all the points given for each component of the application. The stack of applications grows each week of the evaluation period, but the applicants remain ranked by their WCS number. The board has been meeting since October, and has offered early appointments to outstanding candidates as early as November. The board will not have to review a bunch of applicants in the next couple of weeks, they will just have to see where the newest applications fit into the stack. Appointments will be offered to the candidates who are ranked the highest, down to the point where all appointments have been given out. Even after this point it is still possible for candidates who are close to the line to be given an appointment if some of the ones that are offered are not accepted. Appointments can still be offered up to I-day due to appointees who become injured or otherwise ineligible to report on I-day.
I am sure there are some exceptions to this standard, but this is how it was explained to me by a Congressional office.

thanks for that info, it helps a lot (especially stealth). so, is it possible for me to recieve early appointment at this point in time?
Being so close to March I am not so sure, but I have heard of appointments going out as late as this past week...
Speaking of rankings, I laughed when I saw what I ranked in my class entering. I was something like 860/1250. I guess they didn't think I would do so well here!
do you mind if you tell me your sat or act scores so i can compare them to mine? also, maybe your high school G.P.A.? that would be awesome :)