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    My son's USAFA application is complete, thank god for that.
    He is academically qualified (solely based upon his slightly above avg ACT and avg GPA/rank), he is medically qualified and has a nomination from his congressman.

    As many of you know we have had several discussion threads about his height / weight / CFA scores.
    He plays Offensive lineman in football and was quite heavy and thus pretty slow as well when he took his first CFA and when he had his DoDMERB physical.
    He received a note to repeat his O-220 form which is height/weight/measurements and also to repeat his CFA, no surprise there...
    He received an email from his USAFA adviser stating that his latest O-220 shows he is within BMI standards and is now cleared on that piece (atta boy!)
    His second CFA was several weeks ago and improved a little bit, but not dramatically... he got a whopping 1 pull up this time, lol....
    Anyway, he will be performing the CFA in January for the USNA (he has not submitted either of his prior CFAs to USNA), and is improving steadily as his aerobic fitness improves now in full swing with the swimming team.
    So here is the question, if he hasn't heard back from the USAFA on a decision by the time he retakes the CFA for the USNA, can he submit those new scores to USAFA as an attachment to his adviser?
    Or, if the USAFA says sorry due to his CFA, but they significantly improve in January, will he have an opportunity to appeal so they will take another look (I think not, but it's worth asking).

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