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    Good Evening Everyone,

    I vaguely remember cadre talking about a limit on the number of online courses you can take either per FY or total throughout your time in AFROTC. Is this actually true? And if so, what are the limitations? Thanks.
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    AFROTCI 36-2011 Cadet Operations Non-Traditional Courses. Correspondence, independent study, TV, internet, or other means of non-traditional courses may count toward the minimum number of credit hours which must be taken to qualify as a full-time student. AFROTC places great emphasis on the classroom environment. Detachment Commanders must monitor the use of non-traditional courses to ensure cadets are maximizing the traditional course opportunities. To make a determination, the detachment must verify: Course is accepted, accredited, and graded by the university the cadet is attending. Not more than five non-traditional courses in any one academic year. Cadets cannot take more than three non-traditional courses in any single term without AFROTC/RR waiver.

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