Operation Information (OPINFO)


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Jun 12, 2008
OPINFO, scheduled in conjunction with the Thanksgiving leave period, is one of the Academy’s most important outreach programs. Midshipmen who participate are granted extra leave to visit their local high schools and make other appearances to promote USNA. Members of the upper three classes take part.

Contact your Blue and Gold officers to see if a midshipmen has been selected to participate in your area. Examples of venues include: school presentations, presentations to civic groups (Rotary and Kiwanis, etc) and open information seminars at public meeting locations.

This program is an important part of the Academy’s marketing and recruiting programs. It is also an excellent opportunity for candidates to get a rare face-to-face meeting with a midshipman and hear what life is like on The Yard.
This mom was very happily surprised last Fall by our mid literally showing up at our front door, unexpected to announce she got an OPINFO to her home area. ( Living 3000 clear across the country, THANKS Uncle Sam for funding the trip!)

What surprised me was that within 10 hours of her first appearance, she told me she got an email from her Company Officer telling her she did a great job.

Whoa....I guess USNA really is aware of what their mids are doing throughout an OPINFO.

It was a wonderful time for her, and for us to connect. And seeing her old high school and encouraging others to consider USNA was teriffic!