Ophthalmic Migraines

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    Greetings, I am a current AFROTC student who has not yet taken the DoDMERB and I am concerned because of a particular condition I suffer from I will be medically disqualified. I suffer from Ophthalmic Migraines or Ocular migraines which I began to have in high school. These migraines are very infrequent (sometimes a year apart) but do render me debilitated for about thirty minutes.
    I had not really even considered this to be a problem because I have not had one in about a year. But a couple of days ago I suffered from one on the way to class. The migraine effects my vision by causing a blind spot that becomes larger over a thirty minute period. I have to say this was a very discouraging moment because I realized this is probably a very serious problem to the Air Force even though they only last about half an hour I do have to stop what I am doing during that time.
    I am an older student who is trying to get out of school and I do not want to waste time or money to answer a question that may have an obvious answer. Any advice is greatly appreciated.

    Thank you
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    I have replied to your email:thumb:

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