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    I was enjoying the Navy win over Lehigh testerday, when they had a blurb on about thirty-eight (38) Medal of Honor recipients visiting USNA. I got to meet and talk to one once, and was thankful that I got the chance, so I texted my DS. Did you meet any of them? He responded with "Yes, I met all of them, personally."

    I am at a loss for words. Thank you, USNA.
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    Yes indeed. Very cool! Nice for the Academy to invite these old and young warriors. They deserve to be honored for the rest of their lives. We will never know what triggered them to act in the moment. Neither did they. But what is for sure, it was the combination of their character, training, their instinct to help their comrades, survive, and the hand of God. Their inspiration is immortal. Likewise to those warriors who are not with us, who perished in the act of bravery and selflessness. We wish them well to live a long healthy prosperous lives and a generational remembrance. My DS got a Medal of Honor coin from one of these warriors. It will be one of his best challenger coins he received and earned.
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    Every MOH awardee or recipient (never “winners”) I have ever met, has always said something along the lines of:

    - “It was my duty.”
    - “I did what anyone else would have done.”
    - “It was what I was trained to do.”
    - “They would have done the same for me.”
    - “I didn’t think about it at the time. I just knew something had to be done.”
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