Options for late application -- Freshman 2009


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Apr 11, 2008
Hi folks,

I just found this forum and am hoping to get a couple of questions answered.

My son was interested in applying for an ROTC scholarship, for entry into college as a freshman in 2009. However, his mom and I were honestly afraid about his service, and we discouraged him from applying.

He has solid grades, very high test scores, sports, etc and he has since been accepted into a very good private school, and has received a good merit aid offer from the school. He does not need any additional money to attend the school, as we are making up the difference.

He is still very interested in AFROTC, in fact it is the only post-high school direction that he has been consistently enthused about. He seems to be very interested in the Air Battle Manager program once he begins his active service. After much soul searching, we want to support him in his choice.

We understand that he can go ahead and take the ROTC coursework in his first two years, which is what he plans to do. He has also been in touch with the AFROTC recruiter at the college, who informs him that this particular college has very few ROTC candidates, and that my son's profile seems to to be very strong. So, even though my son did not apply for the Type 1, it seems there are other alternatives, some type of Type 2 + some type of extra award (I'm hearing this secondhand.) And that this could happen within 3 months of his entering college (ie. he would not have to wait until his sophomore year - ICSP).


- It does not matter how many years he is awarded the scholarship, he still has a 4-year commitment? (or 6 years as an ABM if he goes in that direction)

- I have also heard that Type 1 scholarshps may still be available??? (Is this right?)

- I can only find info on Type 2 scholarships, but nothing about any extra awards that fall inbetween a Type 1 and Type 2. Does anyone have any info about this?

- Does anyone know of good forums where I (and my son) can learn a bit more about the ABM role/preparation/duties? It appears to be a new position (as of 1999), sounds fascinating, but is not widely reported on the web. (compared to, say, pilot or navigator roles -- those I can figure out.)
First ABM are 6 yr ADSC (active duty service commit). Line officers not pilot/nav are 4 yr ADSC plus 4 in IRR. Pilot 10 yr but really is 12..1 year waiting to go pilot and 1 yr of UPT (pilot training).

ABM are in short supply and are TDY a lot. A guy who worked for my spouse at CENTCOM is ABM he just made O6, he is a busy guy. ABM control the fight in the air. They tell the fighter were to go and where the enemy planes are in the air. They make sure there are tankers near by to refuel the planes. They also allocate assets.

If your son likes video games like space cowboy he would like ABM's job.

The 2009 scholarships have not met yet. The AF is a central board they meet Dec 2008, Jan 2009, Feb 2009 and March 2009 for Fall of 2009 entering freshman.

Scholarships are mostly given for Tech majors, Engineering of any kind, Physics, Chem and Meteorology. 75% of all scholarships are Tech, environmental science is not a Tech major to the AF. The board determines if it is a Type 1 (any amount), Type 2 (up to 15K) or Type 7 (up to 9K). There are also 3 year and 4 year scholarships.

So if your son is not entering until 2009 there is time. If you are mistaken and he is entering this fall 2008, then he will have to compete for a ICSP. To be honest DODMERB can trip more scholarships winners with medical histories of something.

Go to www.AFROTC.com I believe the new scholarships open up for 2009 this month.