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Nov 29, 2007
We just found out my son got an appointment, but haven't gotten any of the official paperwork yet. I was wondering about orientation. I plan for my son to go, but should both parents go, or is it ok if just one goes? Also, what time are things over. I'd like to catch a late flight Tuesday night, but it looks like the latest leaves around 4:45.

Another question I had is about getting physically prepared. He's been doing some running and weights. How much should he be doing and are there other things he should do?
Your son will be returned to you officially around 1500 I think, BUT, like I did at my orientation, you can pick him up earlier if you need to catch a flight. Just have his escort bring him to the field house early to meet you.

It's a great chance for you the parents to get info on what your cadet will be going through and what you can do to help them. I highly suggest at least one parent attending if possible.

Every year us CC forums peeps host an orientation dinner at 4:30 on Sunday evening (all orientations). Feel free to attend! There will be about 30 people at each (8-9 will be current 3 and 4th class cadets).

I'll address the physical part a bit later. Basic is definately about endurance though, weights don't help you too much there.