Orthopedic Questionnaire


Jun 11, 2017
We are trying to finish up the survey for my son's medical on Friday. He answered yes to bone injuries b/c he has had 3 fractures during the course of his life. Due to the yes he got a page of follow up questions, then he also got the orthopedic questionnaire. It reads almost as if he has an orthopedic "condition" 'Was/were the orthopedic condition(s) caused by an injury? Well he doesnt have a condition, just a history of injuries. But what we are really struggling with is it asks the date of the injury and gives you a little embedded calendar to click the date. But it only allows one date and he had 3 injuries. Should he write the additional dates in the box below that asks about treatment? Or add handwritten dates after we print? Any advise is appreciated.
we added the additional dates in the box below, and had no issue. The form is poorly designed, I'm sure they are used to people reporting info however they can.