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    When I separated from the military years ago there were placement services who "specialized" in assisting junior officers find a job. I remember Fox-Morris, Everett Kelly Associates, and others.

    I have worked for years to convince my current company to hire veterans but have always been up against policies that didn't discriminate by law but rather by nature as we insisted on previous experience in our industry. For better or worse, I have gotten to a level where my voice carries a little more weight and I am quietly working to create opportunities for high potential veterans who just need a break to get started in a professional role. This is a work in progress but a passionate goal of mine.

    When we post job positions, we get hundreds of applications. Rarely (never) are they from recently separated veterans. I am trying to convince my company to go out and seek those applications from a pool of people whom I feel are very talented and possess the skills we would appreciate.

    I am looking for feedback on the best way to find separating officers and enlisted. Word of mouth seems to limited in reach and scope. Do these "specialized" placement services still exist? Are there other suggestions you fellow forum members might have?

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