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Discussion in 'Military Academy - USMA' started by kluckock, Nov 9, 2014.

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    I am going to West Point next Tuesday, the 18th. I know there is an email with an itinerary and packing list, but what should I really expect? Is there stuff not on the itinerary I should prepare for?
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    Not knowing what the itinerary and packing list indicate, just take warm clothes and something to do while your plebe studies. What else were you expecting? You are getting a glimpse of what a typical day at West Point is like.
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    I went for an overnight in October. I bought a plate of cookies and cupcakes for my cadet, and he and his roommate were really happy with that. The email covers everything you should pack and know about transportation and places to stay for your family.
    I'm lucky I got a really cool cadet, and what I did was follow him to all his classes and during down time we visited pretty spots on the campus or just hung out in people's rooms. You can definitely ask a lot of questions and request to see different places. I got to play on the IOCT which was pretty fun.
    If you went to SLE, this is a totally different and more accurate way to see what a cadets life is like. Since I went on a Thursday, I got to see their spirit dinner and a lot of other fun things.
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    Things to think about for your overnight:

    • Try to talk to upperclassmen in addition to the plebes you will be hanging with. The experience and often point of view changes significantly. You may have to ask your assigned cadet to line that up.
    • See if you can get an chat with the company or reg commander. DS did and it was a big impact on his decision.
    • Be prepared to attend class, and possibly be asked to participate. Depends on the Professor or class leader, but it's fairly common.

    I would heavily recommend taking advantage of overnight visits if offered.

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