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Jul 17, 2006
Interesting things I have learned today.

They want to see you kids AP scores, the make a difference in the process.

They do have a few courses that AP scores get you some credit.

The main dorm is having an addition put on and the rest of Chase will be redone in a 4 year time frame.

There is a lot of construction going on around campus. The sciences building seem to have gotten/are getting lots of new tech upgrades.

The class size for the next few years will be smaller than some of the current classes. Was told that they were looking to enter 275. I guess the Jr class was 310.

And the cadet athletic jacket is 86 bucks.....son left his jacket in the car at the airport. The exchange only had jackets for "old men" and athletic jackets. I suppose he might get some wear out of it.