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    My name is Keith Miller, and I am sophomore in high school thinking about USMA. It would be my dream college and I would do whatever it takes to get accepted. The more and more I think about it, the more stresses out I get when thinking of trying to get in.

    As of now I have a 3.4 GPA un-weighted with 2 AP Classes, as well as a calculus class at the UofM. I am in numerous activities such as Boy Scouts, YIG, and DECA, as well as sports such as Cross Country and Track (I have a black belt if that counts for anything as well). I plan to do well on the CFA and the ACT.

    I feel like whatever I do is not enough to get in, or even get into SLE next year for that matter. I just keep telling myself that my "fate is sealed" with my 3.4 GPA.

    My questions are:
    What can I do to make the thought of applying less overwhelming?
    What can I do to improve my "resume"?
    Lastly, what can I do to help get myself into SLE?

    Sorry if this is in the wrong forum or anything, mod please feel free to move or remove.
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    In terms of the application, it is a lot. Especially when your add in the applications and interviews you need to complete for nominations. But, hey, if you want West Point, it's what you have to do. From this year, I applied to West Point, Annapolis, AROTC and NROTC MO scholarships and three civilian colleges. It was a bit of work, but many others have done a lot more. If we can do it, you can as well.

    My advice is to start early, as early as possible. Set goals for when you'll have certain parts of each application done. Start figuring out who you will ask to write your letters of recommendation and give them a heads up for when you'll need them. Start working out now, hard core, to prepare for the CFA. Get as high of a score on your ACT as possible (or SAT, some people are better at one than the other). This will be especially important to show that your GPA isn't a completely accurate accounting of your academic abilities.

    To improve your resume: Community service hours, leadership positions (track and cross country captain?), and a stellar ACT score.

    Don't get discouraged with your GPA. Seriously. Candidates have been offered appointments with much lower GPA's than that. Just work your butt off, and hope for the best! That's all that anyone can really do.
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    First of all, SLE does not add points to your Whole Candidate Score so if you don't get in, just shrug and move on. My West Point grad did not attend SLE and didn't even apply.

    Work on getting your Eagle Scout award. Try to attend your state's Boys' State. Look for leadership roles, earn varsity letters in your sport, continue to excel in your martial arts. Establish relationships with an English, math, and chemistry or physics teacher.

    West Point and civilian colleges like to see that you have challenged yourself with the most difficult classes your school offers that you can make an A or B in. You are smart to already have a couple of AP classes under your belt--keep working hard. If you struggle in a class, get a tutor and improve. Lose the "I can't do it" attitude and dig in and attain your goal of West Point!:thumb:
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    I wouldn't be overly concerned with the GPA, obviously do your best to improve it. Take the ACT/SAT as often as possible and get tutoring in testing areas that need improvement. SLE does not help your WCS and does not ensure an appointment, if it happens great, but don't sweat it. Continue with Boy Scouts, etc. and plan on doing Boys State. Apply to other leadership conferences/opportunities, i.e. 4-star leadership with Gen. Tommy Franks. Attend any admissions events in your area and take the opportunity to meet with your RC.

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