PA MOC Nominations


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Jul 31, 2008
I just wanted to see who on here was from PA and received AFA or other nominations.

I received one from Senator Specter for the AFA a month ago
I also just got a letter in the mail from Senator Casey Jr. stating that I would have received a nomination, but I already have one, so it is going to someone who has not received one yet.

So, anyone out there?
We are from PA. but, my son received his nomination from his CO. He is a senior in h.s. but, is also in the army reserves. so he will be going usma. he received his appointment with the academy back in the beginning of November. CONGRATULATIONS to you with getting your nomination!!:thumb:
Daughter received MOC 7th District

Nomination to USNA from Joe Sestak. She did not apply to Senators for noms.

Received phone call before Christmas with follow-up letter date January 4, 2009.

Best of Luck to all from PA.
I recieved a nomination to USMA from Congressman Sestak and Senator Casey. The Senator Casey Nom was a complete suprise.
good job to you. yeah, I was surprised about Senator Specter's nomination. I did not think I did well at the interview because I was nervous (got caught in Pitt traffic so I made it slightly later than I wanted)

I think my portfolio is what did it. I had basically my entire high school life outlined in it.
Well, congrats to all you PA People for getting nominations. :cool:

Best of luck to you as you wait to hear about appointments! :thumb: