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Nov 17, 2008
My son will be heading off to the USNA in July and I was wondering if there are support groups for the parents of these up and coming Midshipmen. This has been an amazing time for us to see and watch the progress of our son and to follow that of others on this forum. My husband and I are so proud as parents, but we realize that our son will be far away and that visits home will be few and far between.
We are in Colorado and would love to talk to other parents in our area or any where else.
Yes there are support groups. This forum is one avenue and there are others. First of all you will likly be contacted by your local USNA parents organization in Colorado. As I recall we recieved information from our local Nor. Cal chapter sometime in March or April. The Nor. Cal. chapter is one of the largest and most active in the country but I do bleive Colorado has a robust chapter as well.

Also, especially as plebe parents check out It's a listserve for USNA parents and you can pick up a lot of good information.

Lastly, congratulations! You and your future midshipman are in for an amazing ride. Plebe year is plebe year and then there is the other 3 years. Semper Gumby. Both statments you will hear a lot and have new meaning as your mid progresses through the process.

Best of luck and enjoy the next few months with your son. You will never have this window of time again.
We have a very active parents group in CO:
You'll be invited later to a picnic in June for incoming plebes and parents. We put on a HUGE tailgater at the AF/Navy game when it is held in the Springs. That won't be in '09, but will be back in '10. USCGA and MMA hosted the All-Academy Ball this December, but I can't remember when it rolls back to USNA parents. I think it's '11. Welcome to the adventure.
Any Parents' Group in NJ

My son just received his appointment to USNA on Saturday. I was wondering if there are any groups in NJ for parents of midshipmen.
Capt MJ Thank you. Great website. I added it to my favorites. I know I will be accessing it alot during the next 4 years.
Most Parents Clubs have some kind of welcome aboard plebe picnic prior to I-Day, a chance to meet other parents and any mids who happen to be at home. Make yourself known and get tapped into the info pipeline!
For any Georgia Parents, Plebes to be or applicants. We have a very active Club. check out You can also email the webmaster from the site.
There are MANY very active parent groups. It's so exciting for me to see NEW parents preparing for the ride! I was in your boat last year, and can't believe time has flown so much that a new round of young men and women are preparing for THIS year's I Day!

WOW! Your local parents group will find you--there are a TON of resources for support and information--fear not!