Parental privileges at USNA


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Jun 8, 2008
Do civilian parents of midshipmen get any type of privileges at the USNA? For example, access to the midshipman’s store, DOD parking, etc? Are there Naval / military recreational facilities throughout the area / country / world that can be used by direct family of Naval personnel?
Only dependents (wives and husbands of personel), a midshipman, they may not have a dependent.

No parking or special access to bases throughout the U.S.
You and your spouse will get a card to shop in the mid-store. Step-parents are also eligible to get a card. You will get a parking permit to park on the Yard in the "permission to report" package. However you can not park on the Yard during I-Day or Plebe Parents Weekend.

We lost our parking permit and have not been able to replace it. Our mid is supposed to take care of it and that has not been able to happen.
Mid parents can shop at the Mid store as per their website:

The store operates for the benefit of Midshipmen and carries a full line of name brand and logo clothing including shoes and accessories. An impressive array of Gift and Jewelry merchandise is also available - all at prices that are well below retail and without State Sales Tax.

Parents may shop in the store if accompanied by their Mid. All parents are issued a Shopping Pass. You may obtained one at the Store's Office if you don't happen to have yours with you when you shop but you will need your Mid's Alpha number to obtain the replacement card.