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    Since this comes up every year, I copied and pasted what I just posted on another thread, where a search on "Parents Clubs" would not be likely to bring up that particular thread, and titled this one with a more searchable name.

    Duping my other post:
    For Privacy Act reasons, USNA will not release names/contact info for appointees.

    The USNA Parents Clubs are loosely linked with the Naval Academy Alumni Association, the separate non-profit alumni group. Parents Clubs, as private groups, are not affiliated with USNA itself. Some find them a useful source of support and info, and some do not.

    To find Parents Clubs, a good start is to search on "USNA or Naval Academy Parents Club of [state] ." Many have websites. Ditto FB. If it's a large state, it might be "South Texas."

    Try (not .edu) at this link for Join a Parent Club:

    And, put in "parents" in the Search block on
    All kinds of good info and links.
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