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    Plebe parents do not miss Acceptance /Parents weekend if at all possible :check. Been there done that, it was great! But what advice have all you more experienced parents for the next years. In early September DS should be a 3rd class and an "A" spliter. How much chance is there DS will get to visit before he leaves for his fist sea term. Knowing all can change in a moments notice I was thinking we would go visit him in the fall. Any thoughts on skipping the official Parents weekend for a later date? Or are we big losers for thinking we could skip that party this year? I do want to tour the campus again and maybe see some things we missed like the museum, the sailing center ( I know, how did we miss that stuff?) etc. Thoughts? I am thinking of a spring weekend trip as well so I can only swing one in the fall and I want to make the most of the time we will have.
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