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    Hi again. So the kid is getting closer to applying.

    Signed up for extra SAT and ACT tutoring to satisfy the curiosity if we did everything we can. Will take additional test in Sept.

    Taken Pre AP physics but will take AP physics 2 next year as pass fail. AP test will be taken. Will take aero space science as well but for a grade. How does CGA perceive pass fail courses in a science? (Any course)

    I was reading about EA on different threads. I read something about fall transcripts.

    Will admissions continue to look at the whole canidate through senior year.

    We are reading other posts you either get in, denied. Get in, Wait listed, get in or denied. Do most get selected at EA or during regular time?

    Did your kids submit additional letters of recommendations and from who?
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    If you apply EA, than the full packet is reviewed sometime in OCT or NOV or perhaps even EARLY DEC. A decision is made and it can be either FULL APPOINTMENT, SCHOLARS, WAITLISTED or DENIED by Dec 24th or sometime around there. If Denied, it is not reviewed again.

    As far as additional rec letters. The only ones that really matter are the ones that can attest to something unique about the candidate. A bunch of letters saying "This kid is the greatest and you should accept him/her" are not worth a lot regardless of who they are written by. Make the extra's count and they should help the candidate stand out from the crowd.
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