Path to CRNA?


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Aug 3, 2014
DS is an MS3 and in nursing school doing well. He is Airborne this week. :) He is talking quite a bit lately about CRNA training through the Army and is not sure which service assignments to put on his list at CLC next summer. San Antonio will be his first choice but what other slots should he request?
Hey there! I am currently at BAMC (San Antonio) right now for NSTP. This is a great hospital with so many opportunities since it's the only DoD hospital that's a civilian level 1 trauma center. I've heard that Madigan in WA state is also a good hospital. Keep in mine Hawaii, Korea, Germany will lock you in to that post for 3 years so it might take some extra time before you can go to the critical care course which is a pre-req for CRNA as you probably already know. If your son has any questions about BAMC or career progression let me know!