PCL... I'm desperate!

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    So... four years ago I tore my PCL and never got it treated for various reasons. I recently got it diagnosed and was considering surgery although it never interferes with my daily life.

    I want to go the the Uniformed Services University as a member of the Commissioned Corps (I am a freshman in college and am simply thinking ahead). However, after I got this diagnosis, I began doing research and saw that it would result in a DQ. The exact quote was "Anterior cruciate/posterior cruciate ligament with or without repair (comprehensive evaluation
    required if repaired at least 10 months prior to DODMERB examination)". I was already considering surgery.

    SO, now that all of that has been established, if I were to get it repaired, what would be my chances of avoiding the DQ?

    thanks for your time! I REALLY appreciate it.

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