PDQ for varicose veins


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Jul 10, 2017
First things first I hope everyone is in good spirits. A little about my background I was enlisting into the Army and go permanently disqualified for varicose veins. I couldn't complete the duck walk because my feet were hurting. However MEPS said if I can do it in 2 weeks I'm fine. My recruiter was out of town and due to miscommunication I missed my appointment to go back to MEPS. After that he cursed me, and said I needed to meet with the commander. I just said I'm really sorry and left. How can I miss an appointment I wasn't aware of? I've been calling their phone just about every week. In the end I switched to the Air Force. However, I had to type up 2 memo's one to MEPS explaining why I missed my appointment and one to the commander taking full responsibility for missing the appointment at MEPS. Is it hard to get an SG waiver for varicose veins? I've been through so much already and I'm trying to keep a positive mind. Any feedback is appreciated. Thanks
Since this is a forum focused primarily on officer commissioning programs, you may not find a knowledgeable response here. Each of the Services has its own waiver policy for various conditions, and depending on what enlisted specialty you may contract for in advance, waivers can vary by specialty. Just go through the process and hope for the best.

Going forward, a good lesson learned here for your military life is no one is going to care as much about your appointments as you do. If you had been told MEPS wanted to see you again in about two weeks, it's almost always better to make an error of commission and annoy people by calling them to follow up, than errors of omission by passively waiting. Recruiter out of town - no email, no mobile, no other recruiter in the office who could help you follow up? MEPS possibly in same town - you walk back in and follow up in person. "Calling their (MEPS? Recruiters?)" every week - no answer? Goes to voice mail? Then you kick it into high gear and find a live body to talk to. Walk back into the recruiting office, explain the situation, request help, because you know you were expected back at MEPS in two weeks and don't have an appointment.

You are new to this, so the questions above aren't meant to be answered, and my comments are meant kindly. You will learn to advocate for yourself, especially if you want something bad enough.