Peanut allergy & excema


May 21, 2017
So I wanted to know if I had a peanut allergy and excema can I still get into the service academies? I know you can get one waiver but how does that work? Can I get two? Will I even be considered? I know that the USAF now allows mild conditions of excema but what are the extra forms I need to fill out? I know they use the same DOBMERB for all.

Thank you.
There are many past threads on this forum about both allergies and excema.

On the nut allergy, no one here can say for certain. Much will depend on the degree of the allergy and if you are on any medications. Someone previously had posted that they received a peanut allergy waiver for Army ROTC. Accordingly, you should apply and go through the process and see what happens. I would recommend you visit a physician who is familiar with DoDMERB (ex military doctor etc.) and have them document your file with their opinion.

Here is a link to that prior thread on peanut allergies.
I had a mild eczema diagnosis and received a waiver from USAFA.
I went to a dermatologist who was ex air force, and had him write a note saying it was very minor and a non issue.