Peanut Allergy Remedial

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Aug 25, 2008
My son received an administrative remedial concerning peanut allergy. He was allergic to peanuts at age 2 (hives/runny nose, no anaphylactic whatsoever) We would just give him Benadryl and that was it.I had the same allergy and grew out of it. When he was about 12 we did a skin and ingestion test at home and he had no reaction other than hating the smell of peanut butter. Of course all the above was not documented by a doctor. Do you suggest we have my son write this to DoDMERB or should we have our family physician write something?
I suggest your son comply with the remedial as requested. It's an allergy questionairre. He should fill it out honestly, completely, and expeditiously. If after reviewing his responses, DoDMERB requires anything else, we'll ask. If he is found to NOT meet medcial accession standards, depending on the program he applied to, medical waiver consideration may be in order.

The applicable standard is "history of foods or food additives...":thumb:
Peaanut Allergy Remedial #2

Thank you for your response! I want to make sure I understand what we should be doing. What my son received says R140.00 Does Not Require Physician's Appointment: Please provide copies of ALL treatment and/or hospitalization records regarding peanut allergy etc.,etc. Is he supposed to be filling out another allergy questionnaire(that we download)from the DoDMERB site? Thank you in advance for your help-we have come such a long way to this point:smile:
Apparently we opted for records vs the questionairre. Not knowing who you or your son are, it puts me at a disadvantage. Pls comply with the remedial as requested.:thumb: