Pectus Excavatum


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Sep 24, 2017
Does anyone here have any experience with pectus excavatum? I was recently told by my doctor that it looks like I have a mild case of it. Is this disqualifying? It has never affected me physically.
Based on previous threads, pectus excavatum is only disqualifying if it restricts you from physical activity. Now if you get surgery for it, that's a different story.
When I went through the medical process, my examining doctor claimed I had that too, which was a load of BS. I had to do a breathing test and some other waste of time tests to prove I was normal. I was found fully qualified after that, and the next time I went through DODMERB a year later the new examining doctor didn't even mention it. Long story short, you may not even really have it, but even if you do you will probably be cleared no issue.