Percentage of SLS Participants who are appointed to WP

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    Not to put the cart before the horse, but the SLS application opens next month and I was wondering if anybody had any statistics (or a link to such statistics) on about how many people that get accepted in to SLS go on to get accepted into West Point.

    Also, does attendance give one a leg up in the admissions process? Would WP look more favorably on a candidate that attended SLS than a candidate with similar statistics who did not attend for whatever reason?

    I know that it's entirely possible to go to SLS and not get in to USMA and vice versa but I figure there would be a positive correlation between the two, correct?

    Thank you all in advance.
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    From what I have been told, it's about 50/50. While SLS may not have a direct impact on your WCS, being selected is a good indicator that you are pretty competitive for an appointment.
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    Just purely from observation.

    when one says "50% of those who got into to SLS attend USMA" it is an odd figure to look at. Statistics are sometimes kind of meaningless. (though I am a number/stats junkie myself-so I totally get the quest)

    Of those who got into SLS, and then start their application, and then finish their application, and then get a nomination...that number may be very different.

    >some who get into SLS do not end up going to SLS.
    >some who get into SLS do not end up finishing their application.
    >some who get into SLS do not end up getting a nomination due to the competitive area they live in.
    >some who get into SLS finish their application but live in an area where they can only get one nomination and chose a different service academy for their nomination.
    >some who get into SLS who get a nomination chose another option

    Less than half of the people my son went to SLS and NASS with (who he kept in touch with) ended up even finishing their application to that service academy.

    I have no idea what it all means ;)
    just that numbers dont always tell the story.:rolleyes:
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    When my DS was at SLS this past summer, he was told about 40% of SLS attendees return as cadets the following year.
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    DS (2015) was told in Admissions briefing at SLS 2009 that they would see roughly 50% of the attendees on R-day. And for those with 700/700 or better SAT's they would see about 75%.

    For most attending SLS does not help the odds, it's the other way around. Being competitive enough to be picked for SLS means your odds are much improved.

    Attending SLS does demonstrate interest, as does campus visits, attending regional RC briefings, etc.

    There are debates on the impact of the SLS interviews, cadet reports, etc. My understanding is that by itself won't get you in, nor keep you out. But a solid report does help an otherwise competitive candidate as another data point. But your FFR / RC impression has much more impact.

    There is also the CFA factor. If passing, your SLS CFA will be recorded and if good enough you have it out of the way. But if you improve it they will accept a followup submission. Same for one taken at NASS, etc.

    In DS's case his SLS CFA was pretty good, but he significantly improved in his NASS CFA, and USMA accepted it by having USNA fax it over.

    In retrospect, SLS is a fun exposure to USMA. It's not an accurate portrayal of cadet life, just a taste. IE: If you don't like SLS "cadet treatment", you for sure will not like USMA.

    But the initial impressions DS gained at SLS, NASS, and USAFA SS were largely validated as accurate during campus overnight visits. And his expectations which led to accepting his USMA appointment have born true as a plebe & yearling.

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