Permission to Report Packet?


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Apr 15, 2016
I have accepted my appointment to the C/O 2021 at USNA. Currently, I'm finishing the paperwork to be mailed to Annapolis (birth certificate, police record check, and tattoo agreement).

I have heard that at some point I will receive a packet with info for I-Day. When can I expect to receive all of the paperwork I need?
Congrats to you Navyboy17! My son also just accepted and just mailed off the three forms you mentioned today. We have the same question about the packet.

In the meantime, I found the packet for the class of 2020 here on the forums. I presume it is very similar. So start reading. There is a lot to know by I-Day. 3 Important Information Class Of 2020.pdf

Good luck finishing out the school year. If my son gets an account on here, I will get him to reach out to you.

All the best
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If I remember correctly the PTR packet is sent in the spring around late March/early April timeframe. Definitely refer to last year's to get an idea of what is ahead.
I got it sometime around mid-April as well. Big envelope with mounds of mundane paperwork, I-Day info, medical forms, etc. I highly suggest making sure you fill it out thoroughly, since those who didn't had to fix all of the mistakes during plebe summer, which is just an additional pain to deal with. Additionally, the PTR contains a vaccination form, and I highly suggest getting any vaccines done before I-Day, otherwise you will receive some shots immediately upon reporting, which will make the first few days of PEP and getting dropped more painful sue to side effects/sore shoulders.
Definitely look at the Immunization requirements! Some states will offer the immunizations free of charge. If at all possible, get all necessary immunizations prior to I-Day. Also, MAKE COPIES OF EVERYTHING, especially that immunization record. My DS was very lucky to get through I-Day without any vaccinations.
My DS was very lucky to get through I-Day without any vaccinations.

I disagree. I think he executed his plan carefully so that he didn't need any shots on I Day and had no resulting sore arms! ;)