Perseverance Pays Off

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    This post is for all the hopefulls out there still waiting to hear word on a ROTC scholarship or Academy appointment. In 2004 my DS received nominations to three of the academys and an appointment to one of them. He was DQ'd due to being nearsighted. He ultimately attended a private school and graduated and entered the workforce. He had Lasik to correct the vision problem. In 2010 my DD received a 4 year AROTC Nursing scholarship. DS contacted the ROO at DD's school about a 2 year Master's degree scholarship. He attended LTC and was awarded a 2 year scholarship due to his performance at LTC. He was granted a waiver for his vision. He went to LDAC last summer and graduated first in his platoon earning a Recondo badge. He finished 15th on the OML and is currently his Battalion's cadet commander. He will be attending the George C Marshall confference next month. He will commission in May and will be attending IBOLC May 9th. The purpose of this post is to encourage all of you who get disappointing news and don't receive an appointment or scholarship. Do not ever give up on your dream of commissioning. Perseverance does really pay off!!
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    great post! thanks for sharing.

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