Personal Internet Access


Jul 21, 2016
Should I opt in to pay around $10 a month for personal internet access at USMA? I have T-Mobile, as well as a hotspot, but I dont know how good the wifi is up there. This is a one time selection, and if i opt out, I have to wait until next fall to have personal internet access. This is for things like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, etc.
West Point cellular coverage is spotty at best; DS has the wifi for his phone and ipad. Some say T-Mobile is close to useless there; we have Verizon and its OK.
BTW you won't have any need for phone or wifi until mid August . . .
DD is incoming Plebe and knows cadets currently at WP. They told her to elect to get it and have it deducted. I would trust the existing cadre as they are living it!
Last I heard is that this was still not up and running. Its best to select it and once they ever figure it out, they will charge you.