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Sep 18, 2007
My name's Cole, I'm a junior in high school, and I'm looking to apply for the Class of 2013.

My question is what personal items are allowed, and if they are, at what year in the school?

For instance, cell phones, laptops (for personal use anyway), ipods/music, cameras?

I searched but couldn't find anything.

K, thanks a lot!!

(ps, I also put this in the Air Force thread, but I put it here because I'm interested in applying here too. Thanks)
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most plebes get zero media... no ipods, movies, or music. but i would bring it because sometimes you can win "bets" to get media priveledges.

good luck with your app.
Plebes customarily get pretty much zilch. However, you will be able to keep whatever you want at your sponsor's house for weekend enjoyment.

Keeping prohibited items around on the bet that you will somehow earn the privilege later is a good way of getting written up for Usurping Upperclass Privileges (or whatever they call it these days). Tread with caution.
sorry z. i see your point. that's just what my plebe from my football drag last weekend told me.
Personal Items

Bring the cell phone. It will be taken away but you can get it back for calls during Plebe Summer. I have heard horror stories about lost phones so I would suggest a distinctive case. I bought my daughter a canvas phone case and wrote her name all over it. No one had to search for her phone when they went through the box. Also, turn it off before you hand it over. A dead battery when you get it back for a five minute call is a bummer.
you can expect that on I-day all your media will be taken from you - but that your phone will be returned for your 3 phone calls during the summer and at the beginning of the Plebe Parent Weekend. A camera can be carried if your company allows it. My Plebe had a camera in the fall of her Plebe year - but it had to be thin, small and fit into her uniform unseen. So if you have a big bulky camera forget about taking it with you. Zaphod is spot-on about the i-pods, etc. My Plebe had to carry at all times a special 'chit' to allow her to use a portable DVD player for her Arabic language studies outside of her room and even then there were hard-nosed upperclass who gave her grief anyway for 'having media priveleges'. They seemed to solve that little 'loophole' by simply inspecting rooms from time to time and confiscating any media they found, and then the Plebe had to go to one of their upperclassman to ask for at. So 'technically' she had the 'right' to use her DVD with her chit - but for a Plebe to go find an upperclassman in the company and ASK for the DVD? Yeah right.

Bottom line....expect to live like a monk and that way even if you get water, bread and fresh air for your Plebe year you'll be grateful!:shake:
By all means, bring a cell phone. You and your parents will depend upon it quite heavily.

My son salivates at getting a "media" chit. :biggrin: